Apartment Sneak Peak!


  I’ve finally moved into a new place! I know haven’t talked about it but I was looking for a new place for what at least felt like a long time. The new place is a condo close to where I was living. It is pretty small at least compared to the places I have lived.
    I’ve been here a few days and things are finally put together and organized. I’m not completely unpacked but almost there. Because this one bedroom condo is so small, Camron and I are trying to be creative with the space and also find ways to organize things in a creative, organized and uncluttered way. Pinterest has great ideas!

     Putting away all our clothes has been the most challenging. We are using those clear storage drawer things to put clothes in. I will also be fixing up my dresser to put more clothes in and also keep towels and linens. I am also thinking in using a small bookcase to organize some of my shoes…that way they are not all stuffed under the bed.

I will post more pictures/ do an apartment tour as things are put together and organized better.



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