Awesome Date Ideas!

     Whether it’s a date with a significant other, group date or just some friends hanging out you can enjoy the things on this list. I get bored with doing the same activities, date or not. I’m an adventure seeker. So, I decided to spice things up and come up with a list of fun and creative activities. I think they’re all pretty awesome! Check it.
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1. Game night
Host a game night for a group of friends. Set up tournaments and have snacks. For a date set up games to play and choose fun bets or dares. Pick fun games like twister, game of life, clue, poker, etc. Bonus points if you have prizes.


2. Not your average movie night
Set up a cozy seating area in the back of your car/truck. Use pillows blankets and bring along snacks or pick up take out from your favorite restaurant. Bring a fully charged laptop to watch a movie on. You now have the option to take the “drive-in” where ever you want. A lake, the beach, etc. Bonus points if you get a sheet and hang it up and get a projector to watch it theater style.

3. Geocaching
Do this fun “treasure hunt” activity as a couple or compete with friends! Usually Geocaching calls for walking, climbing and or hiking, so this is also a fun workout. As a couple this will make you work as a team and you will feel even more accomplished finding the hidden items together! Find geocahing maps for your area online and details on exactly how it works on the website here. Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that’s happening right now, all around you. There are 2,216,980 active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide.”

4. Have a wine or beer tasting party
Invite friends over, you can have everyone bring their favorite wine or beer or different kinds so everyone can try each. You could just do this as a couple and maybe even while watching a movie or playing a game. each pick out a couple of wines or beers you want the other person to try with you.

5. Water gun fight/Nerf gun fight
 Whether in the woods or inside your house, pick your weapon and play against one another. You can make up your own rules, invite friends and create teams. Play a game that extends throughout a chosen radius in town. If you get hit your out and the last team standing wins. For a water gun fight dye the water color with koolaid or food dye and have everyone wear a white shirt (and don’t worry… sports bras).

6. Photo Scavenger hunt
There are some cool photo scavenger hunts that you can find online but you can also put together your own. As a couple you’ll have fun being daring, silly and adventurous. And though your not competing you’ll have doing it together and have some awesome random pictures to remember the date by. Or include friends or other couples and play in teams. compete boys vs. girls, couples vs. couples or randomize it.

7. Rock climbing
Go to your local rock climbing gym. Rock climbing is a great exercise because you are engaging your whole body and the adrenaline will bring you and your date closer together. If your a pro and want to do this outside, even better! Non-date activity? Invite friends of course!

8.Camp out in Backyard
Order food or make food, make smore’s and watch a movie in a tent in your backyard. Set up comfy blankets and pillows and maybe pick out a scary movie or two.

9. Live game of clue a.k.a. murder in the dark
This specifically is great for a group date or friends. When people get scared they cling to their date, maybe this will bring you closer…unless your date is the murderer. This is like hide in seek and tag but in the dark and you don’t know who’s it. You can find instructions online. I play with one murderer for about every 8 people. No one knows who the murderer is to start except for the murderer themselves. If there is more than one they don’t know who else is a murderer. Play in a dark building or house. Everyone wanders and or hides. The murderer has to kill off everyone by tapping them on the shoulder before time runs out or a towns person makes it to base, turns on the light and makes an accusation that is correct.

10. Film your own movie
Get creative and write a script. Just the two of you can dress up and act something out or make a documentary. Go downtown and ask people a question you think might have some interesting answers. You can create a social experiment and then film it. For example film what happens if you randomly try to hug people on your college campus. You could also get other couples and or friends to join in as the cast and crew. Make a scary movie with props, costumes and makeup!

 11. Kayaking
Kayaking is a lot of fun, calming and really works out your arms. Rent a 2 person kayak for a couple of hours and spend some time out on the water together.

12. International cooking/potluck
As a couple pick one or two dishes to make together from someplace else in the world. Take pictures so you can look back and remember the date. If you want to make this a friend activity, have a potluck. Ask your guests to bring dishes or ingredients to make things from different places in the world. Of course make them as healthy as possible 😉


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