Cozy Fall at Home Shoot

Cozy Fall at Home Shoot

This was basically a DIY home shoot, check out the gallery and the tips on how to take your own photos at home!

October is my favorite month, I love the crisp air, moody lighting, the colors, tones in the sky and cozy clothes. I have been wanting to work on a at home shoot project for a little while. I had never done a photoshoot myself, but I’ve dabbled in some iphone instagram photoshoots here and there. I really just like self portrait photography. I like being in control and creating what I envision, so I thought I would give it a try. This week I set aside a few hours to get some shots in our living room and kitchen.

TIPS to try this yourself: Having a creative eye, a vision for the shoot and some photography knowledge is recommended. BUT if you have a camera and just wanna try it out either way, go for it!

Get inspiration from Instagram and or Pinterest. I created a Pinterest board with photo ideas, from poses, backgrounds, outfits, lighting and even editing ideas. This helped me recreate certain images.

I have a decent camera and a couple tripods (one regular tall one and a gorilla pod). Tripods are so helpful and with the camera timer set, you get to be behind the camera capturing what you envision with you in the picture. I used Lightroom to¬† edit the photos after. Some knowledge on how to edit and what makes a photo pop, bring out the right lighting and shades, etc. obviously helps, but it’s all personal preference ultimately. When in doubt check out some YouTube videos on editing! Play around with it and have fun!

Check out the full gallery below and if you have any questions about how I did this shoot or have other tips to add, leave em’ in the comments and I’ll get back to you!



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