Study Day in Park City, Utah: What To Do.

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I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and luckily I live pretty close to Park City, it’s about a 30 minute drive for me. Camron and I spend a lot of our time engulfed in studying and classes, we usually plan to take trips in between semesters and during breaks to keep us sane. While I ultimately do enjoy my classes, I haven’t been spending enough time on having fun outdoors. We go on hikes about once a week but it hasn’t felt like enough.

It’s important to me to focus on my classes and do as well as I possibly can and so that tends to take priority but I wanted to find a way to also feel like I am getting a Summer break. So on Saturday Camron and I decided to drive to Park City and study there.

We study at coffee shops or the library pretty often and we figured Park City has coffee shops too. It was so great changing up the scenery and to partially feel like we were on a mini vacation. I actually really love mountain towns and if I could lock down a higher salary and somehow find housing, I’d be a PC resident in a heartbeat.

We got lucky with a pretty big table at Atticus Coffee, Books & Teahouse.
This coffee shop and bookstore is so cute. I really love that it is a bookstore with a “To Kill a Mockingbird” theme, hence, Atticus.

atticus coffee-park city

They have really good coffee, oat milk (somehow a lot of coffee shops still don’t have it), and tea. They also specifically have CBD infused teas which is pretty cool.

atticus coffee-park city

We spent a few hours working on assignments, papers and all sorts of fun research. I didn’t have quite as much school work as Camron, so I was able to spend a few minutes getting some photos of the coffeeshop.

All that studying got us pretty hungry so we went into Davanza’s for pizza. The environment is pretty cool with beer cans lined up high against the wall and records along the ceiling. Especially considering it is Park City, it’s also pretty well priced at $7.99 for two slices and a soda. I could be wrong but it also felt more like a local place versus a tourist restaurant.

Before we left town we stopped into North Face, Patagonia, Columbia and then the Eddie Bauer Outlet where Camron finally found a long enough jacket for Winter and our Iceland trip (SO stoked to be planning out Iceland). He has a longer than “normal” torso, so finding jackets and even shirts is a little more of an adventure for him.

We took some time while walking to a few different stores to take some photos. I’m really trying to get better at photography and just overall learn how to take RAW photos and then edit them well.

We started heading back to Salt Lake as the sun was setting, and then of course went back to studying at home.

What do you like to do on weekends? Hikes? Netflix? Road trips? Let me know in the comments section!



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