Dinner in Flagstaff

   Fair warning, I’m extremely sleep deprived and who knows what I might consider grammatically correct. I went out to eat with a couple of friends tonight. We went to a restaurant here in Flagstaff called Criollo, they serve Latin-inspired cuisine. This was my first time there and I ordered the fish tacos which were pretty delicious. I really liked the atmosphere of the restaurant as well. The down side is that I do feel it is a little on the pricey side and not exactly sure it is worth it. I received black beans, rice and 3 small fish tacos for $15.00. It was plenty of food, enough that you feel satisfied…okay maybe a little more than satisfied. I think I just feel that while it was good and I may go there again, the price is a little discouraging and I don’t feel that the food was worth quite that much.

     After eating we went to Cultured, a coffee and frozen yogurt place. I really like this place! it has a rustic yet vintage and cozy feel to it. Here is something I need to get over, I need to stop worrying about taking pictures all the time. I feel like I need to refrain sometimes because I don’t feel like saying, oh ya it’s for the blog or explaining how the pictures I am taking might pertain to my blog. Sometimes I feel like I am just getting in the way. Oh well.
Anyways I need to sleep!



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