Exploring The Utah State Capitol Building

Exploring The Utah State Capitol Building

Last weekend my friend Lyndsey flew out to Salt Lake to visit Camron and I. While we still are exploring our new home and don’t know all the cool spots yet, we still wanted to show her around the city. It actually made it kind of fun that we were exploring some new things while she was visiting. Camron and I had yet to check out the Capitol building and actually, we didn’t know we could just walk inside and explore.

The building is so pretty! Inside there is marble everywhere, making it the perfect location for taking a shit ton of photos. So we did.

We spent about an hour at the building, and had fun playing around with different backdrops and lighting  for photos. We took the pictures on my Iphone 7 plus, which did a decent job. I definitely would bring my actual camera in the future though!

A lot of couples get wedding pictures here by the way, and we got to watch a wedding photo shoot happening below!

If you are driving through Utah and or visiting The Salt Lake area, I highly recommend making time to check out the State Capitol building. It’s free, and while there are tours, you can also just walk in and explore the main areas like we did.

Check out the rest of the photos below!


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