Hiking at Sunset: The Living Room

Hiking at Sunset: The Living Room

Sunday evening I decided to take Reeve on a hike on The Living Room Trail. It’s a fairly popular hike by the University Of Utah, in Salt Lake City. This hike is perfect at sunset. Start a bit before sunset so you can catch the sun setting over the city at the top.

It’s a great hike to do by yourself or with friends; It’s one of my favorites to do solo or with Reeve. It is uphill and a little on the steep side the whole way up. There are quite a few people on the trail and with a dog that likes attention from everyone, I found myself in multiple conversations with other hikers.

I completely recommend it if you are looking for a shorter hike where you can still get good exercise and great views. It is a 2.3 mile hike, and while shorter. it is on the steep side. I recommend wearing good hiking shoes or boots. Don’t forget water. Bring a camelbak, or a good sized water bottle and even some snacks to enjoy at the top. Here is the All Trails info to check it out: The Living Room


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