I LOVE Chai tea!

     Since I have to try and keep my caffeine consumption down (due to anxiety related issues) I have been drinking more tea. Though chai tea is usually made with black tea and does have caffeine in it, it is not even half as much as there is in an equivalent serving of coffee. Originally when I started eating clean I cut out all drinks besides water, then eventually I allowed tea and coffee…but definitely not from Starbucks.

     Now that I have lost almost 20 lbs. I do feel my self loosening up. I like that can relax now, but at the same time it makes me nervous. Over all yes I still am eating as much unprocessed foods as I can. But I have stopped by Starbucks a couple of times over the past few weeks to get chai tea (which really isn’t that often and it fit in my calorie budget still) I realized spending $5.00 on chai tea really is ridiculous when I could probably just make it myself. They sell chai tea concentrates at pretty much any grocery store for around 4 to 5 dollars. I purchased the TAZO brand one, it has 8 servings and you can mix it with almond or soy milk. As far as it being clean…no not really but if you really like chai every once in awhile and want a more economical way to get your fix, buying the concentrate make a lot more sense. The Tazo concentrate is 60 calories per serving and also has a decaffeinated option.
     Going along with this chai topic, today I was at target getting a few snacks and hair color and I came across this chai tea that’s already mixed with soy milk. I was feeling like I needed something to drink anyways so I thought i’d try it. It is the Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea. Again not really clean, it does have 7g of protein per serving but so would the chai concentrate if mixed with soy. The chai concentrate is about 60 calories per 4 oz. serving not counting the 4 oz. of milk, where the 8 oz. serving of the vanilla chai tea is 160 calories and it is already mixed. But if you want a treat and can afford it calorie wise, the calorie content is not really that high. I just would not drink this everyday haha. The biggest issue with these drinks are the sugar content. The vanilla chai has 26g of sugar! WHAT?! Yeah…so again it’s a treat. But both these options are more economical than going to Starbucks and maybe in the end actually less calories.
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