January 2017 Favorites


1. LUSH: Magical Moringa (facial moisturizer), Angels on Bare Skin (Facial Cleanser), American Cream (Hair Conditioner)

Magical Moringa is seriously the best moisturizer I have ever tried! It makes your skin feel velvety soft and matte all day. It is great to use underneath makeup as a primer. I do not have oily or dry skin by the way but I think it would work great for any skin type.
Angels on Bare Skin has black charcoal, mud and black sugar among other things but I really like how it scrubs my skin gently. It is specifically meant for acne prone skin. I have stress induced break outs and this cleanser has really helped keep my skin clearer.

American Cream conditioner smells amazing! The smell is vanilla based and it stays in your hair at least all day if not for a couple days after that. It still lingers after using hot tools on my hair as well. The conditioner also makes my hair shiny, vibrant and soft.


2. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is included with a Prime membership. I didn’t want to pay for Spotify Premium or Pandora One but I also don’t like being limited to a number of skips nor do I like listening to ads mid workout. I found out that Amazon Music allows me to create playlists, download the music to my phone or computer for offline listening, skip songs all day long and there are no ads. Sold. You can pay for an upgraded version to have access to even more songs, especially new releases. I just haven’t felt like it has been necessary to do so.



3. No Tomorrow

It’s on Netflix. It is a romantic comedy TV-show and while it’s quirky, strange and unrealistic at times, the concept and theme is really cool. The theme- What would you do and how would you live if the world were ending in 8 months?



4. Minimalism- A Documentary About The Important Things

This documentary is also on Netflix. It is not a typical boring documentary(though I personally lie documentaries) and I think it really could be appreciated by anyone. It talks about what is really important in life, what really makes us happy and the idea of living with less material items. It also discusses that young adults (and even older generations) are in search of a different lifestyle than what years ago was thought to be the key to success.


***Hey guys, I also wanted to note, this post is not sponsored in any way. I was not compensated or given anything for free. This is all just my opinion.




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