P90X: My 30 Day review

     I Have thought about doing a Beach Body program for quite some time now. More specifically I have attempted P90X and Insanity. I just could never motivate myself to follow video after video and then repeat the same thing the next week. I finally got motivated enough to do it after spending too much time on Youtube seeing other’s results. I am now in my second phase, so the second month of P90X and I have seen results but I want to push harder and take it further. After 30 days I have some likes about the program, but I also have some dislikes.

     So first off, I do think it is a good program. The workouts are challenging and you will feel sore the next day. BUT after a couple of weeks I felt like I had to add more weight to everything and I wasn’t feeling as sore. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, I didn’t feel like I was working my muscles hard enough. I basically felt like the program was lacking in it’s variety of workouts.

     Not only did I get bored and it was hard to stay motivated but I felt as if my muscles got used to the program and I needed to switch it up more week to week.

     Today I started the first day of the second phase which is “Chest, Shoulders and Triceps” And I am so glad I  was finally able to do a new video. It was definitely hard and my arms were dying! Today I realized that I definitely see my muscles growing and I KNOW I am getting stronger. Sometimes I just need a reminder that it’s not always how I think I look, I need to also measure my fitness by how much more I can do.

     I think that for anyone out there who may want to work out at home, who doesn’t feel comfortable in a gym or who don’t have time/are limited as far as leaving the house, this program is great. I do think It’s a good idea for beginners or anyone new to working out to stick to the program and schedule. While I will finish this program I won’t always stick with the exact schedule. I plan on adding my own cardio daily (about 30 to 40 mins.) I am going to push harder this round and sometimes I may just do my own workout and stray a little (for my sanity and for the sake of not being bored.) If you have been working out for awhile and know how to put workouts together, than I say go ahead and substitute your own workouts on the days you are bored of P90X. Just make sure you are still challenging yourself and pushing hard.

*Leave me a comment 🙂 Let me know If you are interested in doing P90X or any other Beach Body program. Tell if you have started one or if you have completed a program!


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