When I’m dieting, I don’t starve myself. I don’t do random diets from Pinterest that are usually ridiculous, I don’t meticulously count every gram of food, I don’t obsess over the scale and my weight. I still eat the foods I like. When some people hear I count macros they think otherwise.

I haven’t always been in such a balanced and positive place but I’ve learned you have to trust the process, try to make healthy choices and treat yourself every once in a while.

I am currently cutting (leaning out, prepping, losing fat, whatever you want to call it). Because I go through different phases, physiques and goals publicly, I get unwanted opinions. I’ve been told I’m not eating enough or I’m eating too much. I’ve been told I don’t look different after four weeks of dieting or that I looked better before. I have also been told I look like a stick. That last one though…haha.

Different people have different opinions and methods when it comes to dieting, losing fat, being fit, etc. Different people’s body’s are going to respond differently and prefer different things. I prefer to diet using intermittent fasting and flexible dieting. I can do videos or blog posts on both if you guys would want to see that.

I am currently counting macros, but not strictly. I am eating the highest macros I have ever eaten on a cut. I am losing weight slowly, slower than I originally wanted. I don’t feel hungry or restricted and I eat the things I like.

Slow and steady when dieting is key. If you diet too aggressively to drop weight quickly you will lose more muscle, you are more likely to binge, you are less likely to retain your results long term, and you could damage your metabolism. When it comes to fitness and dieting it’s important to put health first.

Because I have gotten a few opinions, I just want to say yes I count macros, that doesn’t mean I obsess over what I eat. I like to know on average what I am consuming and it helps me visualize correct portions for my body. This is why I recommend counting macros and flexible dieting for many people, though it’s not what works for everyone.

Like I said, I am currently on a cut. I am doing a series on it on my YouTube channel–go check it by licking the button below!


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