I just wanted to share with you some motivation and also a great resource for learning about exercising and reaching your fitness goals. Nikki Blackketter is a Youtuber, she posts fitness vlogs on her channel. She shares her workouts and describes proper from for exercises in her videos. She also shares food hauls and things from her personal life. I really enjoy watching her videos for new exercises to try out, and I secretly want to be friends with her...just saying. There are not many women on Youtube in the fitness vlogging genre and she is one of the first that I have found that posts frequently and consistently. 

Anyways, she is awesome and has really inspired and motivated me to take my fitness to the next level. Go check out her out on Youtube!


Check out her blog and Youtube channel (great resource for exercise tips and ideas):



*These are not my photos, all belong to Nikki Blackketter and are from her personal social media profiles.