20150107_161356 Yesterday Camron and I went job hunting and then took a break. We stopped at Sunset Beach in Long Beach, CA. I took some pictures to share with you guys! (check em' out below!) It was around 4:30 pm when we got there and unfortunately I didn't have a sweater with me and it was starting to get cold. The weather has been great though and Reeve (my golden retriever) seems to love it here so far.

Today I am working on a couple of new posts and a fitness project/post that will be uploaded over the next week. Anyone who is looking for some motivation and ideas of how to get fit for the summer stay tuned.

I am also thinking in going on a run through California State University Long Beach. I need to figure out if I am going to get a gym membership and I am going to start looking at different areas to figure out where I'd like to rent an apartment.

What's everyone up to today? Let me know in the comments below!






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