As someone who deals with higher levels of anxiety I thought I would share some advice and let you all know that there are ways to manage your anxiety, depression, etc.

Everyone deals with anxiety at one point or another. These tips can really apply to anyone. I have suffered with higher than normal amounts of anxiety. I am talking chest tightness and pain, sweating, nausea, depression, fatigue, anxiety attacks, etc. So after years of trying to control how I feel and finally figuring it out but not always following what I know is best for me, I decided I needed to get serious about my mental and emotional health. If I don't feel well mentally and emotionally I struggle with work, school, blogging, my relationships and just functioning in everyday life. If anyone struggles with anxiety disorder you know what I mean. 

1. Watch your caffeine intake. Or better yet cut it out completely. Switch to herbal tea or decaf. Caffeine usually makes me feel miserable. Sometimes I feel okay but it's a risk. Sometimes I feel terrible. I have cut out buying coffee anyways because I am currently budgeting like crazy and saving every cent I can.

2. Exercise daily. I have noticed huge improvements in my mood since working out consistently again. At minimum just be active and go for a walk in the morning or evening.

3. Eat healthy. In conjunction with working out consistently, I am also eating well. I am eating healthy and nutrient dense foods. This has made a huge difference. I knew it would but I am still amazed how much better I feel after eating so much cleaner. If you need ideas or help with this, especially on a small budget, I am always happy to help. Eating healthy is completely possible on a small budget. Check out my grocery list under the Fitness link on my website navigation bar. 

4. Write things down. Whether it's journaling about your day, how you feel about your sister getting married to Henry or a to do list, write shit down. I am always making lists. I am making new lists before I even complete my last list. It's good to take the things floating around your head and get them on paper. I feel less stressed and worried about getting things done this way.

5. Listen to music. I like indie music. Cage the elephant, Joshua Radin. Iron and Wine, etc.

6. Read a book or watch a TV show. Sometimes giving your mind a break from your reality and stepping into someone else's is relaxing. I try to destress this way.

7. Have a consistent sleep schedule. I have to get enough sleep. If I am sleep deprived I am way more likely to feel anxious or have a panic attack. This will also help battle insomnia. 

Does you have anything else that help you? Let me know in the comments below what helps you minimize anxiety in your life.