Half Truths by Claire Contreras Book Review

Half Truths by Claire Contreras | Mini Book Review

? Book Review
Half Truths by @clairecontreras

This book included all the good tropes and themes that I love in a novel. 

•Dark Academia
•Thriller + Mystery
•Secret Societies
•Slow Burn Romance
•Hockey Players

At first, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about the main character, Amelia. She does come across as a spoiled rich girl at first that I wasn’t sure I cared about. As I got to know her, I found her very likable. And I think that was the point.

I can say that everything, in the end, makes sense and feels justified…which is something I really pay attention to in a thriller. I do have questions about the other missing women, but I won’t say anything else because it’s really hard to talk details with a story like this without including spoilers ?.

There is a second book in the series (both can be read standalone but seem best read in order), I will be reading the second book, “Twisted Circles” because I’m now obsessed with dark academia books. I also look forward to checking out more books by Claire.

Overall, the book was fun, thrilling, and I loved the relationship between Amelia and Logan. It develops slowly but in my opinion also perfectly. It felt realistic and added to providing proof that these characters develop and build trust with one another.