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Milk Fed by Melissa Broder | Mini Review

Book Review: Milk Fed by Melissa Broder

Many have called this book, sexy, erotic, and funny. I would not use any of those words to describe it.

It was fascinating, strange, repulsive, and uncomfortable. This book isn’t really just about an eating disorder or mommy issues. It was a weird exploration of desire and hunger—for food, sex, intimacy, love, and acceptance. 

Milk Fed by Melissa Broder | Book Review

Judaism is a huge part of the main character, Rachel’s, exploration of her relationship with her mother, her childhood, her beliefs, and her friendship with Miriam, a woman who works at a frozen yogurt shop.

Rachel at times, especially in the beginning, was hard to like; we are immersed in her perspective, her inner monologue, and it all reveals her self-loathing & insecurity. My biggest complaint, however, was how Rachel seemed to heal from years of having an eating disorder in a matter of weeks.

I can see why some found this an uncomfortable read. And yeah, I was absolutely uncomfortable at times, but I also was fascinated by the way Broder wrote this story—vividly; I could feel Rachel’s anxiety and need to restrict, and then her euphoria and bliss when she allowed herself to binge on food. 

To be very clear, I am not in any way talking about the main character being attracted to women being a point of discomfort. The reader is exposed to Rachel’s innermost raw thoughts. I mean no one really wants that, to hear the visceral disturbed automatic thoughts someone else has. And yet, Broder writes in a way that you also just can’t look away.

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