If you want to join in on this seven day blogging challenge go here! Here is some stuff you probably don't know about me! I'd love to hear from you, let me know something about yourself that most people don't know in the comments below.

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1. At age seven I sang a song on the radio. My dad worked at a radio station, he had a show there. He and a co-worker convinced me to sing. My parent's were really into showing off my musical talent as soon as they discovered it. I hated it. I started liking music again in High School when I joined choir and loved it.

2. I'm Dominican and Ecuadorian. My mom is Dominican and my dad, Ecuadorian. My mother was born in New York but lived in the Dominican Republic from the time she was a baby until she was 18 and went back. My father was born and lived in Ecuador until he was ten years old and moved with his family to New Jersey.

3. I have three siblings, two brothers and a sister. They are all younger than me and some of my most favorite people!

4. I love bookstores, especially used bookstores. If there is an attached coffee shop or one near by, even better!

5. I want to do a semester abroad. I was thinking Spain originally but it seems most English programs (at least right now) are located in London or Germany. Anyways, traveling is a huge must for me. My parent's traveled together for quite a few years before they had me. Hearing all their stories created adventurous travel hungry children.

6. I went to The Dominican Republic a couple of Summers ago. I met my aunts, my mom's sisters for the first  time. It was awesome!

7. I have two tattoos and 10 piercings. Nothing crazy. Okay...I have the back of neck pierced. I guess that's kind of crazy.

8. I collect coffee mugs. I like getting coffee mugs that are unique and or have character. For example I have one shaped like an elephant that my sister made me and one that my friend Lyndsey brought me back from her trip to Spain. I'm hoping to pick different ones up during my travels.

9. I keep a journal, I have since I was eight years old. I like looking back at things that I have completely forgotten about.

10. I prefer to shop online instead of going into a store. Living in a smaller city I couldn't always just drive over to certain stores. We only have the basic department stores. I eventually realized what a hassle it is to leave my house when I can sit in bed on my laptop. I can add items to my cart and try to talk myself out of the purchase. I can also compare with five different stores all at once, one in each tab in my browser.