Okay so there are some tools that I personally use and really rely on daily. So, I am going to give you guys the free apps and tools that I use and recommend in helping you with your fitness journey. These are not in any specific order. Check them out by clicking their links or search and download them from your app store.

#1 My fitness Pal
It's both a wesite and an app so it can be downloaded on a smartphone or can be used on any computer.
This app/website helps you create a profile in which you can enter food and keep track of how many calories you are consuming each day. Not only that but based on your weight, gender, height and fitness goals it comes up with how many calories you should be eating a day. If you are trying to lose 1 lb a week and the program tells you that your calorie allowance is 1200 calories a day, the 1200 calories is creating a deficit. You would have to cut out 3500 calories a week to lose 1 lb a week. You can also track your workouts and how many calories you burnt. I've used quite a few other apps like this, I find this one to be the best.
Check it out here: My Fitness Pal

#2 Runkeeper
This app uses GPS to track where you are running, the distance and at what pace. It's very useful in keep track of your progress as you get faster and go further. It is also good to know your mile pace and train for a race. Check it out here: RunKeeper

#3 Runtastic
They have both a heart rate monitor and a running app that keeps track of your distance. It also keeps track of your pace. I use this app when to track my heart rate during a workout and then right after to keep track of how fast it takes me to recover. It's also good to know how hard you are pushing yourself during workouts. Are you hitting your fat burning zone? Are you pushing too hard? Runtastic app keeps track basically just like RunKeeper. They also have a few other fitness apps. Check it out here: Runtastic

#4 HIIT Interval Training TimerAD
This is free with ads, you can purchase the version without the ads if you like.
I use this interval timer instead of buying one. It works well and you can save the times you used for a workout, so that you can just open that file when you do that same workout again. It's simple and easy to use. An interval timer is very important, especially to those who enjoy doing HIIT workouts. Check it out here: HIIT Interval Training Timer

They have both an app and a website.
I use both. I'm trying to lose some weight to trim out but my main goal is to build muscle so I find this to be a great community to learn and get tips. You can set up a profile and it helps you figure out your approximate body fat percentage and where you need to be to reach your goals. For example the program suggested for me to lose 8 lbs to be 130 lbs and to get myself to 16% body fat. I am currently at 25% body fat. Online on their website you can also find different fitness programs for free set up by professional trainers. You can follow their calendars and workouts. This is a really good resource! Check it out here:

*Try these out and let me know what you think! Are there any fitness apps that you like that I didn't mention?

ALSO, I am very curious about Zombies, Run! Has anyone used this app? Let me know if you like it, is it worth buying?