Over the past few weeks I have really found an interest in studying personalities and of course understanding my own. I took a personality test a few months ago on here. It is free to take the test and on point with the results. It takes about ten minutes, If you do take it, don't over think things just go with the answer that first comes to you. 

     My personality type is the Mediator or INFP. I am considered an introvert, however the test also considers percentages of each quality. I am 56% introverted and 44% extroverted for example.

     It is important to work on self-understanding and development. By doing things such as looking at your habits, strengths, weaknesses, etc. you can make positive changes, improve your relationships and increase your confidence.

          When it comes to making decisions, I generally know what I want. I know I have the drive and strength to make these things a reality. As a mediator personality, I want to make everyone happy. If I am uncertain about what I am doing, it is because I try to put other people's wants and needs before my own and then convince myself I'm okay with that. Usually my true feelings eventually surface, causing personal conflict.

    I have accomplished a lot in 2016. I worked really hard to reach goals. I paid off all my credit card and school debt. I paid for school last semester after taking off over a year. I have saved money to buy a car, I went on a backpacking trip, I really dedicated myself to bodybuilding, etc. Sometimes I feel down because I didn't accomplish other goals on my list. For example, I didn't go to Europe. Looking at the positive though, I paid off school debt that allowed me to go back. Now I can have other opportunities, such a studying abroad.

     If I change my mind or don't accomplish goals, I have worried about what people think. Who cares? It's my life, I reserve the right to change my mind, change my goals and it's okay. That does not make me wishy washy, unsuccessful or any less driven. You can take on that motto too ;)

***This is not a sponsored post, I just took the test based on a friend's recommendation and found it to be enlightening, informative and just cool. If you take the test let me know, I am also curious about everyone's personality types and goals for 2017-leave it below!

Happy New Year!