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Hi there, I am Ashley. I live in Northern Arizona. The state is known to be a desert but where I live we have pine tress and snow in the Winter. Throughout my day I try to workout, write, blog, study, read and practice music among other things. I'm working on setting goals and focusing on just a couple at a time to reach them. Otherwise things can get overwhelming and seem impossible. I like Thai food, Chai tea and crazy workouts. I created and run my own blog in which I write for. I am majoring in English and I am planning on continuing to get a Masters degree. I am all about doing the things that make you happy and not continuing with the things that make you unhappy. Yes, let's make being happy that simple.

I started this blog a little over a year and a half ago. I had received news that I was getting an amazing opportunity to travel to The Dominican Republic with my aunt. I had a blog in high school that included random thoughts and just writing pieces that I'd throw up. Eventually I gave that blog up but I think I had it in the back of my mind that I should start another. The opportunity to travel pushed me to start this website. Originally the blog was supposed to include Fitness goals that I had for myself and documentation of my progress. The blog was also meant to include travel and healthy eating posts. Today, the basic idea is still there but I have grown into being a lifestyle blogger. While I will still post about fitness and traveling, I also am starting to include what I do on the weekends, and my life as a college student.

I want to reach out to other people with similar interests and create a community. My blog is for anyone who likes travel, fitness, Chai tea or who can relate to being a college student. My blog was created to inspire the idea of setting goals for yourself and pushing to reach them. For me that's traveling. Europe is at the top of my list, Finishing school and having a good following here on my blog.

I have had some obstacles in my way. To not get into the whole thing now, this has caused a delay in my education which has been beyond frustrating. I recently have set some pretty lofty educational goals for myself but I couldn't be more excited. Briefly this would include switching to a new university, joining a new club that I think will be a great fit, doing a semester abroad and then later attending graduate program.  I plan on updating everyone a little bit on the college aspect of my life more soon!

The message that I hope readers take away from my blog is that whatever your goal is, you can reach it. If you are unhappy with something(s) in your life then have the courage to change it. I Personally have goals for my education, travel, my blog, etc. and I want to share them with you! I want people to feel encouraged to travel and see the world. It's so big and there are just so many other cultures, I think travel is so important for everyone. I want people to feel encouraged to take on their fitness goals and be successful. I want to promote a healthy, happy, adventurous and fulfilled lifestyle. This doesn't mean that things in my life or anyone's will ever be perfect but I think the important thing is to always be striving to make things better for ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little better! If you have any other questions please ask away below in the comment section. Let me know who you are and if we have any interests in common!