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Lindsay is a the blogger behind Fashionistas Travel and recently we decided to work on a couple of projects together. Networking is so important in the blogging world. It's not really a competitive field; you have to work with one another and support one another. I have been able to get to know Lindsay a little bit over the past couple of months. We both had been stopping by each other's blogs for the past couple of months or so and leaving comments and what not.  I thought it would be fun to work on some blogging things together and we have decided to kick things off with interviews! You guys can get to know her a little bit below!

1. name, age, blog name, genre, where do you live,

anything else about yourself?

My name is Lindsay and I blog over at Fashionistas Travel! I’m 32 years old living in Rhode Island. I blog about life, style, and a few adventures.

2. What's your reason for starting your blog?

I started my blog for a creative outlet almost 5 years ago but most recently really started putting in the effort to make it something great.

3. How long have you been blogging?

It will be 5 years in July 2015!

4.How do you focus or get motivated to write and put up blog posts?

I like to keep ideas in a notebook and refer to it when I am stuck. Currently I am doing a blogging challenge which requires me to write every day in April.

5.Favorite animal, color, food, shoes?

My favorite animals are probably pigs!! I love the colors pink, black, and white. I would eat pizza all the time if it didn’t make me fat, and my favorite shoes are my gold Sperry’s.

6. What do you do in your free time? (besides blogging if you do that during free time)

When I’m not blogging, I love to watch tv, like seriously I watch A LOT.

7. Short term goals you have for yourself?

I am working on a BS in Counseling, addiction studies. So right now that is my main focus and a goal I am working on. I will be done in May of 2016.

8.Favorite place to go to relax?

In my house I would say my bedroom but if I am going on vacation I enjoy going to Marthas Vineyard.



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