Our summer trip has been decided! After a lot of indecisiveness, Camron and I finally decided to take a trip on the more adventurous side and road trip up along the coast of California. This is adventurous in that we won't be just laying out on the beach, margarita in hand. Well, okay that might happen. Haha. We are not however staying in hotels or resorts and are going to be cooking most of our meals while camping. We decided to just stay in the states for this trip but are really excited to have a few days to drive along the coast, camp on the beach, discover awesome hiking points and take amazing pictures.

Right now the plan is to start in Long Beach to see my aunt and probably hit Disneyland. We originally were going up to San Francisco and then on to the red wood forest area before heading back down. After looking at the time frame we have, it seems best to focus on the southern coast and go up to northern California as a separate trip. This could change though.

Camron and I realized that because we are planning this for July, which is high season for camping and what not, it seems that making reservations at camp grounds is going to be necessary. This leaves out the chance to be more spontaneous in how long we stay in each area. This is kind of disappointing because I really didn't want to have to plan things so specifically. It seems you can be fined and or arrested for camping on beaches in non-designated camping areas. I'd rather avoid that.

This is our basic plan or itinerary right now (below), exact dates are to be determined. We are budgeting $1,500.00 for the trip not including any camping gear needed, car upkeep such as oil change, etc. Hopefully we won't even spend that much. Below is a rough estimate of costs.

Estimated Costs (for two): Disneyland--- $186.00 San Diego Zoo--- $92.00 Camping/accommodations--- $350.00 Gas--- $400.00 Food--- $350

Any extra money leftover in the budget should be able to just cover camping gear, parking, tolls and any other costs that may come up. Camping seems to cost from $45.00 to $75.00 but I'm still researching the camping options.


Day one: Depart Arizona and head to L.A.

Day two: Spend day at Disneyland

Day three: Spend day at beach, Huntington beach + pier. Go out for dinner and or drinks or whatever sounds like a good idea.

Wayfarers Chapel Photo Credit: http://www.wayfarerschapel.org/

Day four: Head up to Venice beach, on the way we want to check out Wayfarers Church. It looks really pretty! Beach day, walk through vendors area, etc.

Day five: Drive through Malibu, check out Santa Barbara

Day six: Santa Monica and the pier + Pacific Park.

Santa Monica Pier Photo Credit: http://www.themanual.com

Day seven:  Santa Monica area down to San Diego.

Day eight: Head home to Arizona.

We have allowed ourselves 10 days for this trip, so there are a couple days of wiggle room in our plan. Other posts regarding this trip will be posted as the weeks get closer. We still have four months in which a few other things will be happening but look out for posts regarding what camping gear we are bringing with us, what we are planning on cooking and eating on the go, what we are packing, etc. Anyways I'm going to go get a workout in before it gets too late, Thanks for checking this out! Ashley