picjumbo.com_HNCK2406 I am back in Arizona. We spent three weeks in California and it was fun! We got to experience and learn a lot of things. Then there was a point when when we just knew that it was time for that part of our adventure to be over; time to do something else.

Guys, it's been crazy. But it could have gotten crazier. Yesterday on our way home, I got into a car accident. I was driving my car behind Camron who was driving in front of me. I was passing a semi on the right and my tire blew out causing me to lose control of my car and slam into the side of the semi.

Luckily the semi and I were both driving at around 50 mph, I was told that any faster and it probably would have been fatal for me. I have no cuts or bruises, my car is in pretty bad shape though. It was scary but I am completely okay. I didn't breakdown or panic and I am glad that I was able to handle the situation. I dealt with a series of people, highway patrol. Wal-Mart tire center employee, tow truck driver who all thankfully were kind and helpful. I was really being watched over yesterday.

It feels really good to be back home and now we are planning our next steps.