I usually buy whey protein by Optimum nutrition and have been using it for a couple of years. I recently hit a sale on Cellucor products and thought I should take advantage of some serious savings and try their whey. I have been taking this whey for about two months. So far I think the whey by Cellucor is okay. I  find that it does not mix well, I've been using a blender to mix it completely. You can't mix it with a spoon. A shaker will mix it... eventually. I tried the cookies and cream and molten chocolate flavors. They both taste fine but  if I were comparing they just don't taste as good as the double chocolate or mocha cappuccino by Optimum Nutrition. I think that the Cellucor whey is too thick when mixed and needs a lot more than 8 oz. of water or milk. The taste is a bit too sugary for me though it only contains 1g of sugar.

     I have not noticed any difference in my recovery (I take it as a post-workout) nor in my muscle growth. Simply put, it is an okay whey protein. To be honest I really prefer the Gold Standard Whey Isolate by Optimum Nutrition. I personally just prefer the taste and how it mixes so well.