Camera 360

Camera 360 I really want to do something for spring break. That being said, I have so much going on I really don't want to spend too much. I have been trying to think of different things to do over spring break that are fun but still affordable. Tahiti will have to wait.

I have come up with some ideas and they can be tweaked depending on where you live, the weather and how much you want to spend. So if anyone is in the same boat, hopefully if nothing else this list will help spark some ideas of your own.


  • Go see a concert. Get  some dinner beforehand and then crash at a hotel with some friends. This could be as simple as in the city where you live or you could choose to go somewhere further.
  • Go camping. Get a group of friends together to spend a couple of nights or so in nature. You can pick up drinks and food and throw a party. Book your campground at or Even cheaper? Camp in your backyard or living room with friends. Rent some movies and stock up on awesome food.
  • Go on a road trip. You can decide how far to go depending on your budget. is awesome for planning trips and figuring out what you could see along the way.
  • Go to a theme park. This could be a day trip or you could book a place for the weekend.
  • Book an all inclusive package. If you book your rip like this it's a lot cheaper. This would include your hotel, food, drinks and airfare. Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Mexico are all fairly affordable places to go. I like to use Expedia to figure out pricing for this.
  • Rent a beach house or cabin. You can also take a look on Airbnb for other accommodation options.
  • Volunteer. You could go away and travel South Africa by signing up for a project at or volunteer close to home. Or start your own fundraiser for a charity with some friends.
  • Find a DIY project to do. Start pinning and find a cool project to complete, either by yourself or with friends.

Other Tips:

  • Stay with friends or family if you can.
  • Split costs with friends where you can.
  • Look for coupons and specials. Shop around before committing.
  • Make it a shorter trip.  Two nights instead of five can still be fun and won't cost as much.
  • Stay in a hotel that has a kitchen so you can cook and not eat out as much.

If you can think of anything else that would be great to do for spring break or just tips on how to save money leave me a comment below.