It really is time that I post up these pictures from my trip to The Dominican Republic. I was waiting to get all the trip pictures compiled. I have pictures that I need to get from my aunt. So I only have a some of the pictures to show you.

So, I really had a hard time keeping track of my thoughts while I was in The Dominican Republic. I really should have written more down as I was doing things. I didn't have a chance to blog about anything while I was there because of the lack of internet access for a good part of the trip.

I stayed at two different resorts, the first five days my aunt and I stayed at the 




Palace in Bayahibe. We spent the first couple of days with my aunts (My mom's sisters). The aunt I went with is my dad's sister. We went to Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic and it is also where my mom grew up. In Santo Domingo, my aunt and I met up with my aunt's and my cousin. I had never met my mom's sister's before or any of my family on that side for that matter. It was really nice to meet another part of my family, get to see what they were like and see how similar or different they were in comparison to my mom, in both physical and personality traits. The second day we were with them they came over to the resort we were staying at and we spent the day by the beach and the pool.

Right outside the hotel were some shops in which tourists could buy souvenirs, snacks, medicine, clothes, etc. About 20 minutes away is a city called La Romana, we ventured out and took a bus there for a little adventure. 

We stopped buy a little stand where a woman was selling different things for tourists. She had paintings, drums, clothes.  There was a man who came up to us while we were looking at the things the woman had, and tried getting us to go to another shop. This made the woman pretty upset and they began to fight. My aunt and I decided to walk away from that situation and went to a grocery store call Jumbo. It was the same size as pretty much any other grocery store here in the states. The items sold in the store though of course had spanish labels. There I picked up some Cafe Santo Domingo, a popular brand of coffee. 

The second hotel we stayed at was The Hard Rock Resort and Casino in Punta Cana.We spent time in the casino, I did not gamble though. We also spent a lot of time by the pool.  We went on a boat tour and got to go swimming with sharks. Another tour that we did was zip lining, which much to my surprise was not scary. I have compiled a lot of the pictures but unfortunately not all.  

While I would have loved to write a post daily so I could update on my feelings thoughts and days events as they were happening that just wasn't possible. In the future I will have a better plan for blogging while away.

 Feel free to ask any questions regarding topics that I didn't cover or if you want to know anything else,  ask away.