I am trying to blog on my phone. I must be crazy. This keyboard is small and not precise enough to keep up with how fast my brain is going. Besides that, my keyboard likes to delete everything I write (this is also a texting problem).

     Today, Friday, April 26th I am in Long Beach California, I'm leaving tonight with my aunt to fly to the Dominican Republic. Last night I flew out to L.A. from the Phoenix Airport. It was only about an hour flight.  It wasn't bad except that I got nauseous. Luckily it was a quick flight.

      On the flight I was sitting next to a young couple. They were probably around mid to late 20's. Both were reading books. I looked over to see what they were reading. I could only make out what the woman was reading, "The covenant". Anyone read it? Half way through the flight the woman starts talking to her husband (I noticed rings). She brought up Disneyland and he lit up and talked about how fun Disneyland is and that they should go soon. She then revealed that they weren't going to a wedding over the weekend like she had told him a few weeks back. They were going to Disneyland. And let me tell you, that man was pretty stoked. He began to start listing rides that they should go on. I guess she pretended they had a wedding to go to in L.A. so she could surprise him. The whole thing was pretty sweet. It made me think about Camron and when we went to Disneyland a couple of years ago,  it was his first time there and I don't think he was expecting it to be as big and as well put together.  I also began thinking how Camron has never been on a plane and that it'd be nice for him to get to see how everything looks from that high up. We'll have to take a trip somewhere soon.

    Anyways, today I woke up around 7:30 a.m. I ate a small breakfast and decided to go on a run and explore. I ran by California State University Long Beach. Though it was easier to breathe while running here compared to Flagstaff's high elevation, I had a sharp pain under my ribs that I noticed within a minute of running so I only ran about 4 miles. It was really painful actually and I wasn't able to keep a good pace. I will do strength training a little later.

    I took some pictures on my run. I love the look of some of the houses!  They look older but have that beach charm; the houses have kind of their own personality.

   Tonight we will be leaving for Santo Domingo and we'll be there in the morning. I'm excited to take pictures! So, you should look out for other posts about my trip. Follow me on Google + for updates! You can also check out my Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter (they're listed in the side bar to the left).