Yesterday and today I spent some time in downtown Flagstaff. For anyone who doesn't know, I live in Flagstaff, Arizona. Downtown is one of my favorite areas in Flagstaff. Flagstaff is a smaller city and since I grew up here I do often feel like I could use a change of scenery. That being said I really like the small shops and all the family owned, non-chain type restaurants that we have.
     Yesterday Camron and I met up with our friend Lyndsey and today it was just Camron and I. We visited a few different shops in which I purchased a couple of little things. I also took a few photos so I could share with you.

The two necklaces you see up at the top were purchased from Black Hound Gallerie. I REALLY like the Eiffel Tower one!

I picked up this awesome air freshener for my car at P.J. Chilcottage. I was really drawn to the message on it. I am actually hoping to update some things in my car. Ya know, get seat covers or a fancy steering wheel cover. Okay probably more like fixing a few dents, some paint damage and getting the inside and outside well washed. So I thought might as well get an air freshener to make my car smell great (jasmine scented) and also add a little decor.

Thanks for checking this out! Ashley

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