Friday night Camron and I went to go see Echosmith perform at Northern Arizona University. It was kind of a last minute decision and though I wouldn't say either of us are huge fans or that we knew any song besides "Cool Kids" we were glad we went. It was actually a fun show. The singer, Sydney has a great stage presence and really got the crowd excited as she interacted with the audience during the show. 

For one of their songs she invited two people from the audience to dance on stage and asked that they get everyone in the audience cheering.

The band consists of four siblings Graham, Sydney, Noah and Jamie Sierota. I just found out and was surprised to find out that they are all pretty young (especially considering they formed their band six years ago and got signed in 2012). They are 16, 18, 20 and 22 years old respectively.


For their last song they had giant transparent balloons filled with confetti thrown into the audience. After the balloons were volleyed back and forth for a bit, one by one the balloons started to pop raining confetti onto the crowd. 

After the concert Camron and I went to go grab coffee, well actually I got a pumpkin chai latte.

Two artists I REALLY want to see in concert are Tori Kelly and Max Schneider. Unfortunately their tour dates are too soon and locations too far. I am totally willing to travel a bit to go see Tori Kelly (<3 her) I just need time to plan and what not. 

Anyways this show was fun and we had a great time so i thought I'd share photos with you and what not.

Who would you like to see in concert? Let me know in the comments below!