There is a new line of athletic wear co-founded by Kate Hudson and I decided to check it out! I feel like I can never have enough workout clothes. Anyone else?

A lot of reviews online are all really positive so I decided to get in on a deal they are having. Fabletics is  currently having a promo where you can purchase an entire workout outfit for about $25, this is 50% off the VIP price. With your first purchase you can opt in to the VIP membership and then be eligible to get 50% off that purchase. Is it worth it? Total honesty, I don't know yet. But, I'm checking it out. When I first was about to buy from Fabletics I realized I had to join the VIP membership to get the $29.99 pricing on my outfit. So at first I was disappointed and it felt scam-like to me. I then read on and began to understand how the membership works.

Here is how the VIP membership works (taken from the website):

  • RECEIVE PERSONALIZED OUTFITS ON THE 1ST On the first day of each month, our stylists will send you handpicked new outfits for your shopping pleasure.
  • REVIEW YOUR OUTFITS BY THE 5TH Log in to your account and browse your outfits by the 5th then buy your favorite style(s).
  • SKIP ANY MONTH, NO OBLIGATION TO BUY If you're not ready to make a purchase, simply skip the month by the 5th and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you'd like. If you do not take action by the 5th, you will be charged $49.95 on the 6th. This accumulating balance can be used to shop whenever you like.

My outfit included a tank and athletic stretchy pants. I will show you guys what I got and give a full review once I receive  the package in the mail.

To have a look around and do some shopping use my link  http://www.fabletics.com/invite/Ashleygabrielle/

Heads up, if you are considering making a purchase and do so from my link I get points and discounts for future purchases, it's a small way to be supportive ;)

Let me know what you think of the line and if you will order/did order anything. Which outfit is your favorite? What do you think about the VIP membership idea? Let me know in the comment section below!

I am not saying you should purchase from Fabletics as I have no grounds to recommend doing so at this time. I am checking them out and I thought some other people might be interested in doing so as well. I'm trying to see if it is worth it so I can let you guys know if it's a great affordable way to get pretty gym clothes. I will have a whole review on what I think about their products, pricing, shipping and membership.



*I am not sponsored or affiliated by Fabletics