It's starting to cool down where I live. I just swapped out my summer clothes for scarves, sweaters and leggings! Unfortunately where I live Fall only lasts about a month, then it snows and it's practically Winter. I have a few things I think would be really fun to do this fall so I put together this list of Fall date ideas. These can easily be activities to do with friends or anyone really. Let me know which ones you will be doing this Fall and If you have other cool ideas please share them below in the comment section.




Scavenger Hunt. Find online or create your own photo scavenger hunt to complete together. Go all over town trying to complete the things on your list and after you'll have great pictures!

Rock Climbing. If you are new to rock climbing go to your local rock climbing gym and take a lesson together.

Decorate Pumpkins. Instead of the usual carving of the pumpkins, try using paint and glitter to decorate pumpkins together.

Haunted Gingerbread House. Put together and decorate a gingerbread house with a Halloween theme.

Wine and Painting. Grab a bottle...or two of wine and paint together. There are step-by-step painting tutorials on YouTube that you could follow along with. You could sign up for a class if you prefer.

Halloween Costume Shopping. Go costume shopping together.

Backyard Camping. Set up a tent with a lot of pillows and blankets. Bring out a laptop to play scary movies. Bonus points for having a camp fire and cooking dinner over it.

Picnic. Go on a hike and bring along lunch or even dinner. Bring blankets if it is a colder day.

Cook together. Cook dinner and or a fall dessert. Watch a cooking show or find a YouTube tutorial to follow along with.

Go on a Bike Ride. Go through a neighborhood with a lot trees to see the leaves that have changed color.