My Birthday was a few days ago, on the 6th to be exact. I am now 22. The week before my Birthday I kept feeling like I was getting older too quickly, time was moving and things were changing too fast. The night before my Birthday I was out on a drive with Camron and I felt young all of sudden. I am young obviously, but it hit me that not as much had changed as I had been thinking. I think I was feeling like I changed a lot in the past couple of years. I realized that maybe I was suppressing things that made me feel young and truly like myself.

     Recently I considered the idea that we are truly ourselves when we are young. I'm talking 17 years young. We are naïve, gutsy, defiant, brave. We do the things that we want and that we like. We live in the moment. Once we get older we mature and become realistic in our goals and desires. When we are young one tends to think they are invincible and can do anything. Then we grow up a bit and we decide that our dream or goals don't make sense. Something we used to love doing isn't responsible or mature. I can only imagine this gets worse with age.

     Yes, I realize I was 17 only 5 years ago. I realize that I am still very young. But a lot happens and a lot changes from being a teenager and becoming an adult. You go from high school, no bills, minimal or no job to rent, college, cell phone bill and working as much as possible while sleep deprived from late night studying. 

     I'm not saying the experience of growing up and how one might change as they get older is going to be the same for everyone. You could read this and think this doesn't strike a chord at all.

     As we get older it seems to me that we put off the things we truly enjoy, the things we are passionate about, the things that make us happy, free and in result feel young. Excuses are made; the goal or desire is unrealistic, or we just don't have time.

     I was feeling "old" and unexcited about my 22nd year of life. I think each year should be celebrated with excitement of what is to come. I personally want to stop looking at excuses and obstacles. I look up at people older than me, they have kids, or they work a lot or financially they can't do the things they want to do. Life is hard. I know that by now and I'm sure I will be reminded again and again as I get older. I think it is important to do the things we love and make us happy. Whether it is music, painting, running, gaming, traveling, etc. I think doing things that excite us and make us feel good, that is what will keep one feeling young and give that feeling of success. Feeling young or old isn't necessarily about age. But hey, these are just my thoughts. Maybe you see the world differently.

     I plan on doing things with music, and I will write and read more. I am going to live where I want to. I will finish college at my own pace and really enjoy the process. I will save and travel, just go and not think too long about it.

On a lighter note I will go through my Birthday photos, upload them and tell you what I did to celebrate. So that should be up over the next couple of days.