Over the holidays there are temptations everywhere. I don't want to deprive myself of the great food and drinks but there is no need to eat completely unhealthy.  Remember, once it hits January 1st, it's bikini body prep season. If you make good choices with your eating, you'll feel better about your appearance and you'll avoid the sluggish-bloated-sick feeling. Here are some tips I use to not only keep the pounds off during the holidays but feel great throughout the partying. Now, who wants to look amazing in their New Years Eve outfit?

  1. Split an entree. Order one thing to share with someone. Most restaurants serve more than enough food for two. Without it all on your plate you won't be tempted to eat it all.
  2. Drink in moderation. If you really want a drink, just limit yourself to one or two cocktails and drink water for the rest of the night. You could also choose to drink lower calorie drinks instead of the heavy stuff like eggnog.
  3. Choose one serving of a dessert. Don't have a slice of each pie available, it's better to have one sweet treat than none at all.
  4. Always be aware of what you are consuming. I like to use My Fitness Pal. I have the free app on my phone. You can use it to keep track of what you have eaten and how much. This way you will know your caloric intake and make sure you are not consuming too many calories.
  5. Don't pile food high. Watch your portions. Focus on only scooping appropriate serving sizes onto your plate. Don't get seconds. You will be hungry sooner and can eat more often because you won't be stuffed after every meal.
  6. Don't over cook. Cook enough for your guests and some leftovers. Don't cook for 50 people if you are only serving 20. The more food, the more temptation to over eat. The same goes if you are taking home leftovers. Don't over do it.
  7. Make healthy choices. Choose veggies and minimize the sugar. Ditch the pork and eat the turkey.
  8. Challenge your family to make everything healthy. Find healthier substitutes for ingredients. Find healthy recipes online for your favorite dishes.
  9. Schedule the gym ahead of time. With family visiting, work, parties, etc. it's good to schedule a time to go to the gym for those few days. Set a time to workout and treat it like a mandatory work  meeting.
  10. Plan fun active things to do with family and friends. Go hiking, skiing, ice skating, etc.
  11. Create a fitness competition for your friends and family. Go one step further than just planning fun active events for everyone. Set up a challenge for a month to lose 4% of body fat. This also gives everyone a chance to make a little money. Check out the Diet Bet website!

Leave me a comment below with the tips you liked best and if you have any others to add!