Here are 5 things that I personally think work best to help me relax and clear my head. A lot of times I get stressed out by small things that are due to juggling too many thoughts. ideas, deadlines and decisions. Not everyone likes to de-stress the same way, this is just what works for me and thought I'd share some ideas with you .

Let me know in the comments below what you do to de-stress!


  1. Get in touch with nature. Take a walk somewhere quiet. Walking through the woods is relaxing and takes you away form all the noise.

2. Listen to music. Light candles or just lay in the dark.

3. Go workout. Going to the gym and weightlifting or on a run is a great way to clear your head.

4. Read a book. Curl up in bed with a great book or go to your favorite coffee shop.

5. Keep a journal and write down your thoughts. If you don't have a journal go get one! Writing down your thoughts is a great way to vent without sharing everything with someone.