I was recently introduced to a brand of tea that is pretty popular over in Canada by one of Camron's cousins. We were visiting Camron's family in the very small town of Holbrook, AZ over the 4th of July weekend. His cousin Amy and I got to talking and realized we both were hardcore tea drinkers, she is from Canada and told me about where she gets her tea from. It's this company called David's Tea. There are a few stores here in the states, a few on the east coast and a couple in California, you can check for locations on the website. For anyone who doesn't live near one like me, you can order online. They have so many flavors and types of tea, from green, white, black, etc. Tonight I tried the toasted walnut tea with some honey. It's super delicious! The flavors are seriously awesome, and the teas smell so good! For example, the tea of the month for July is called Guava Cadabra, and it has ingredients such as mango, apple, hibiscus blooms, elderberries and a few more. It sounds so good, just go read the description on the homepage! Anyways, I'm pretty stoked about buying tea, in case you can't tell haha.  On a side note, if you spend $50 or more shipping is free.  So I just though I'd share this for any other tea fans out there. You can check David's tea here.

       Hope everyone is having a good day or night! Talk to you later,