I've always really liked the concept of Halloween. When I was younger it was because I was really into horror films and all things mystery related. Now I can't stand to watch the trailers for scary movies. More recently I have found that my fondness of Halloween is more so derived from being able to put together awesome costumes. Being a creative person, I am the kind of girl that likes brainstorming and putting together different things to make a really cool costume. I definitely like looking hot but the whole $50.00 pre-package slutty "sexy" bee costume just lacks creativity if you ask me.

     Funny enough, even though I love getting creative with costumes I always and I mean always, wait until the last minute to figure out what I am going to dress up as. This year I originally wasn't going to dress up. Camron (boyfriend) and I had plans to go to my parent's house for dinner and watch a movie with my siblings. I was invited to a few parties but I hadn't really decided on anything. Lame...ya I know. Anyways now I have plans to get together with friends after I spend some time at my parent's house. Here's the fun part, Camron and I have the next few hours (it is almost midnight) and the 24 hour convenience of Wal-Mart to put together costumes. Ready, set, go.

     I will definitely post pictures of what we put together and of our night. Follow me on Google + to get updated when I put up a new post, and follow my Twitter and Instagram for awesome Halloween pics and updates of my costume! All my social media links can be found in side bar :)
Hope everyone has a safe but awesome Halloween!

I decided to mess around and add some vampire like qualities to my pic using