Camron and I had the day off so we decided to run some errands and basically catch up on the things we weren't able to do last week. We were running low on dog food for Reeve and went to pick some more up at Olsen's Grain. There are a few of these pet stores located in Northern Arizona though I've only been to the one here in Flagstaff.

     After our first visit to Olsen's grain a few months back we decided we wouldn't go anywhere else for our dog supplies. Everyone there is friendly and so helpful. They have a variety of dog treats that you can choose from and add whatever you'd like to a plastic bag that is priced per pound. I am not certain but I think the treats are $2.99 per lb.

     Anyways, I got a variety of treats for Reeve and specifically also picked out one that was quite large compared to the rest. So I could see if she would and or could balance it on her nose. I don't know...I thought it'd be funny. A few months ago I taught Reeve to balance a treat on her nose but while I was trying Camron told me she was too old at two years old to learn a new trick. Obviously not, she learned the trick within a few tries.

Besides that I am going to post up what I did for leg day today. Check out that post here.

Ashley Gabrielle