On Saturday, Camron and I headed out with some of his cousins on a hike in American Fork Canyon (south of Salt Lake). We took a trail to Silver Lake. Round trip it was about 4.5 miles and I would say it is a moderate hike. It's a workout, versus a stroll but nothing too strenuous. Most people can hike it in a timely manner and it is so worth it!

Before heading out onto the trail, I ate a Pro Bar. 8.5/10 recommend. It tastes goods, the ingredients are simple, and the macros are decent, especially if you are looking for an energy bar AKA carbs. 

Here is info for the hike we did in case you want to check it out: Silver Lake


We drove past a couple of lakes before getting to the trail head, below is a picture of one of them! Totally want to buy floaties and drinks for future lake trips! 

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