Today I am getting ready fro my trip to San Diego. I am helping my friend Lyndsey move, she just accepted an internship! I am so stoked for her! We are leaving Saturday morning and so today I am doing my nails, doing laundry, packing and then later going to do some light shopping. At least I hope it is light. I will do another post if I find anything good!

My fitness challenge group just started for May/June! We are doing a program called 21 Day Fix. I am crazy sore. I've been lifting heavy during the exercises, I can't wait to see my results in three weeks! I will do a post at the end with the before and after photos!

Other things on the agenda, I am currently working on clearing out my condo of shit I don't need. It has been a long time coming! I won't finish before I leave for California, but when I get back I am going full force. My clothing style has changed a little and I just really need to clear everything out so I can bring in some new things. I can't wait to share my trip with you all as well as a few other things in between!

It has been a crazy month and I have been all over the place. I am so glad Summer is here and I can't wait to be sharing my fitness journey, my travels and adventures with you all! I want to hear how you all have been, do you have anything cool planned for this Summer? Leave me a comment below!