Camron and I got gym memberships Today! It's a nice gym and they waived the initiation fee due to a special; that was cool. I'm so excited to start working out again everyday! After getting the membership we grabbed lunch at Veggie grill. It's an all vegan place but a lot of people who aren't vegan still eat there. So if you get a chance try it, it's good!

okay so yesterday we went to a pub called E.J. Malloy's, there are a few in the area but we went to the one near 2nd street in Long Beach. Camron, my aunt and our friend Ross all met up and got a few drinks and appetizers. I don't care for beer (beer pong is my exception, obvi) so I ordered a couple of angry orchards. We were there for at least 2 and a half hours.

So I read that in higher elevation it takes less alcohol to get buzzed or drunk than at lower elevations. Probably cause' of the lower oxygen levels. Anyways, I lived in Flagstaff Arizona which is  at 7,000 feet above sea level. The strange thing is that everything seems to be hitting me faster here in L.A. I normally can handle a lot more alcohol in Flagstaff. I really want to try to not drink alcohol until March, just so I can focus on eating well and reaching my fitness goals.

We took Reeve to the Dog Park a couple days ago and she really liked it...she wouldn't really play with the other dogs though. She basically just ignored all the dogs while they followed and sniffed her.

Funny find of the day...

Is it bad that I find this funny and kind of want one? They're on Etsy. click on the shirt to go get one!