I finally seem to have my sleeping schedule back on track (i've been having crazy insomnia) ...though I don't think it will last. If i'm tired enough to fall asleep but it's before 2 am I am mostly likely going to end up waking up after 4 hours and not be able to sleep for at least 2 hours. I fell asleep at 10 pm last night...and yes I woke up but I fell back asleep eventually and was able to wake up by 9 am. Today Camron (boyfriend)  and I took Reeve (dog) to Sedona and hung out at the creek for a couple of hours. I took a 30 min nap and woke up to go out to dinner...but Camron passed out after me and now won't get up.
Today I tried on 2 pairs of shorts, and I bought them 3 years ago but never fully felt comfortable in them. This only got worse when I gained a little weight. But I tried them on today and they fit!! I don't feel completely comfortable wearing shorts that short...yet. BUT I know I will be able to wear them and be at my goal in about a month. I can also say that I have probably gone down a size.  I was a size 6 pushing into an 8. Now my jeans fit me loose and I could probably fit in to a size 4!
Anyway's Kinda feel like I am just rambling and this is pointless...*shrugs*

I'm off to see if I can finally leave to go out to dinner.