What I Did For Leg Day Today...

  Today was leg day! I thought I'd show my workout today and explain what I did. This may also give you some ideas of what leg exercises to do.


Leg Press

      I completed three sets of all of the exercises. While I try to aim for 4 or 5, today I lifted heavier than normal and by the third set I felt done. Full disclosure, I also wasn't going as fast so it took me almost an hour. I think next time I will have to push myself so I move faster and complete at least another set. Never the less my legs are going to be crazy sore tomorrow. Jell-o feeling was definitely happening after the workout.

  1.  Leg Press
  2. Calve Raises
  3. Wall Sit (make sure you are at 90 degrees)
  4. Weighted Plie Squats (feet turned out, this hits inner thighs)
  5. Lunges 
  6. Jumping Squats (these hurt, do it!)

 I stayed around 15 Reps for every exercise except lunges which I continued to my max rep. Wall sits were held for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Those are the exercises I completed today, you can just do this in whatever order works for you.

Ashley Gabrielle