I ain't no size two. But I'm not a size 12 either. I'm just not. I thought the whole point was that size doesn't determine beauty. What's up with these? all-about-that-bass


I hate that in the attempt to spread the idea that we should respect and love our body, other body types are being put down. Bashing any body type does not promote having a positive body image. Being underweight should not be the goal but neither should be being over weight.

For one thing, size does not mean much. Height, frame and just how your body distributes everything will determine your size. NEWS FLASH we are not all the same size and we are not supposed to be. Hence why I'm 5'7" and you may be 5'2".

Being a certain size does not make you more or less of a woman. Someone may be healthy as a size two and someone else as a size 8. Being super skinny should not be the goal because it is unhealthy. But let's not pretend like being over weight should be praised either. Why wouldn't the "love your body" movement suggest to be healthy?

Loving your body and respecting your body should be about taking care of it. So what if someone is on the skinnier side? Does that make them less of a woman? Songs and social media posts are saying that being a bigger size, having bigger breasts or a bigger ass is more attractive.  Apparently that is what men want. That right there is not preaching self respect or positive body image. That is going from one extreme to another. Being healthy and understanding that everyone has a different body type should be the point. Being healthy should be the point.


Love your body enough to take care of it. Whether you are short, tall, or whatever size. We can all always improve no matter the fitness level. Everyone can improve, whether eating healthier, losing weight,  getting stronger, running faster, etc.

Overeating is just as bad as under eating. Both are abusive to the body and we were not supppsed to do either.

We are not all meant to look the same, but we are supposed to be healthy. Which means eat foods that nourish, be an appropriate weight for your height, have a normal blood pressure and of couse just as important feel good about yourself. I want everyone to love their body because it can do amazing things if you give it what it needs. We were created a certain way, embrace that. Love your body enough that you will respect it and keep it healthy.

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