I have been feeding my two year old golden retriever Reeve dog food I put together for her. I have been doing this for about six months. My parent's got the idea to feed their yellow lab mostly raw foods from family friends who fed their dogs that way for years. My parent’s dog...or really, Ringo is the family dog, was overweight and having hip problems. Feeding Ringo things like raw chicken breast, eggs and oatmeal helped him regain his youthful figure. He is now an active playful dog again and doesn't really have his hip problem anymore.

    I am really into healthy eating and I know a lot of you are too so I figured those of you with dogs might be interested in seeing how you can make sure your dog is eating a healthy diet at home. If you put together meals for your dog at home you can ensure they are getting the proper nutrients without the additives and processed stuff.

    Okay here we go, I listed items to give your dog to eat. Right below that list I wrote out items to feed your dog. Lastly I listed a few meal ideas to serve your dog. There are probably even more things you can feed your dog but I included things that I personally feed Reeve and that I know she likes. Oh and while all these things are safe for dogs some dogs may have allergies or may not be able to handle raw meats so just keep an eye out.





Don't Feed:






Macadamia Nuts



What Dogs Can Eat:

Chicken, Beef, Turkey- protein

Salmon (must be cooked)- protein

Tuna- protein

Eggs- protein

Peanut Butter- protein

Apple (no core or seeds, cyanide is very bad for dogs)- vitamin A+C and fiber

Oatmeal- carbohydrate and protein

Sweet Potato + Regular Potato- carbohydrate


Rice (brown or white)- carbohydrate

Plain Yogurt- protein, calcium

Pumpkin (raw, from a can is fine)- Good for stomach, especially when upset.

Celery- potassium, iron, calcium, vitamins A+B+C

Spinach- iron

Kale- iron

Carrots- good for eyesight

Corn- carbohydrate

Pears- fiber and vitamin C

Blueberries- tannins, antioxidants, helps prevent urinary tract infections

Cranberries- helps prevent urinary tract infections

Strawberries and Blackberries- antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C

Cantaloup- vitamin A


Oranges- vitamin C, immune system support

Banana- fiber, potassium, good for the very active and athletic dog


Meal Ideas:

For the first meal of the day:

  • Oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter, carrots and spinach.
  • Oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries, kale and a raw egg
  • Raw chicken breast with a raw egg


  • Peanut butter and carrots
  • Peanut butter treats (recipe here)
  • Fruit salad

Second or other meals:

  • Chicken, rice and a raw egg
  • Raw beef, carrots and potato
  • Canned tuna, potato and spinach