I am not going to toy with your emotions, straight up I love my Manduka Black Mat Pro. I am pretty new to yoga, I have been to one class and have done a few at home classes/app set ups over the past few years. While I knew the basic poses (downward dog, child's pose, warrior 2, etc.), I recently fell in love with the challenge yoga brought to my daily exercise routine. I primarily have focused on weightlifting for a few years. Yoga has allowed me to gain more mobility and flexibility which are so helpful to a weightlifter! I normally have really tight hip flexors and hamstrings. I also became really excited abut building my core and upper body strength endurance. The inversions and acro yoga possibilities are so cool!

Manduka Black Mat Pro Review

I didn't really know what I was looking for in a mat due to my limited knowledge and experience of yoga. I have owned and used other yoga mats in the past, just not for yoga. I knew from the mats I had owned in the past that I wanted something durable, thick to keep my body from hurting against the hard floor and not too padded or squishy (so that I wouldn't sink into the mat or lose balance). I ended up coming across a Manduka Black Mat Pro and after doing some research went with it.

This mat specifically is a little larger (longer and wider) and thicker than the standard mat.

Manduka does sell standard sized ones and travel friendly mats if that appeals to you more.

This mat is great for a taller/bigger person (boyfriend is 6' 2" and likes that it is bigger) or just someone who wants more space on the mat. They come with lifetime warranties and have been reviewed to last 7+ years. While this mat is a little on the heavier side, it works perfect for me. If I were to take it to classes, a carrying strap or case would be fine to carry it around. 

Check out the Black Mat Pro on the Manduka website or on Amazon.

What is a new fitness activity you have just taken on? Have you ever tried yoga and did you like it? I used to think it was boring until I started getting upside down. If you have any questions ask away in the comments.


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