picjumbo.com_IMG_6648 I wasn't sure how to start this post. I'm still not sure to be honest. Here we go. Right now I am supposed to be unpacking boxes in my new apartment in Phoenix. However, I am not unpacking boxes or even in Phoenix. It is a long frustrating story. Things didn't work out and right now I just want to focus on doing whatever I need to do to get things back in order. I just need to move forward.

The day before yesterday, move in day, Camron and I were lead to feel uncomfortable with signing a lease at the apartment complex we were moving into.  So, Camron and I are now planning out next steps.

I am not really sure how much I am supposed to share or even how much I want to share on my website. I'll figure it out as I go but right now we are planning on heading out to L.A. to spend some time with my aunt. While we are there we will check out a few different areas, look into job perspectives and also look at apartments.

When we were thinking in moving to a bigger city we went back and forth between southern California and Phoenix. This whole situation is kind of scary actually. There's a lot of things for us to figure out and we need to quickly.

I will be checking in a few times a week, whether it's an awesome smoothie recipe, what I'm doing over the weekend or an awesome workout I did.

I  hope you guys will follow along as I go on this adventure.

Send me good vibes?