20140818_185811 use On Monday I spent some time at my parent's house. I went to feed the fish and water the plants while they were in California. Camron and I decided to cook dinner at my parent's house. Okay... Camron cooked dinner while I worked haha.

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We went grocery shopping to Pick up a few things for dinner. The spikey yellow fruit is a kiwano melon, has anyone tried it?

Camron cooked Salmon alfredo. It's cheat night okay! Actually, I had been eating a vegan diet for about six weeks until Monday. At first I didn't feel any different. I was trying to eat well balanced meals and make sure I was getting enough nutrients. I easily consumed enough iron and protein. The past week I was feeling extremely weak. Eating a lot of fruits and veggies didn't keep me full very long (like an hour maybe two)which became a problem at work. Basically Camron's blood pressure dropped very low and I felt exhausted, sleepy and uncomfortable. I was really struggling at work to stay awake after getting plenty of sleep.

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I will continue to not eat meat and do not plan on changing that but I really want to start researching to find products that are made in a humane way (for egg and yogurt consumption mostly). I just personally do not want to support a food industry with no limits to how they can treat their animals. I think everyone has to tweak their diet to fit their needs and wants, everyone is different. It is all trial and error until you fin the right healthy balance that works for you. This is why I don't believe in labeling your diet and this is why I never outright announced I was eating vegan. I will be doing research to hopefully find products made by companies that legitimately treat their animals well (cage free or free range does not mean anything) so I can then share that information with you.