Earlier today I went to go get a piercing and this wasn't necessarily random, I'd been wanting to get it done for awhile. The idea to go today now that was spurt of the moment. I got a neck or nape surface piercing. I previously had a dermal anchor in the same location but unfortunately it was rejected and fell out. So today I decided to try a surface piercing and i'm hoping that it won't reject. I really like it so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay in for awhile, plus...it was pretty expensive.

Here is a fairly hideous picture.
Eventually I will have to update with a healed picture.
     As far as the pain, I would say the pain itself was about an 8 or 9 out of 10 but because it only lasts about 3 seconds, overall it was around a 7. It was pretty sore after and a little uncomfortable. It did subside significantly after about an hour. It was my most painful piercing, comparing to my navel, lip, nose, tragus, my dermal in the same area, etc. If you are considering this piercing, just remember that everyone's pain tolerance is different so don't let me scare you away from it.
     After getting pierced Camron and I decided to run next door to Beaver Street Brewery and get some lunch. We picked up margarita chicken sandwiches with sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries are the best! This restaurant is located on Beaver Street, here in Flagstaff right next to Burly Fish Tattoo where I got my piercing. I would definitely recommend both. Everyone at Burly Fish is friendly, helpful and professional. The food at Beaver street is really good! Get the sweet potato fries if you ever go, they're awesome!
     So that was my afternoon and tonight I went out with a few friends. I wasn't hungry but I met them at Buffalo Wild Wings and drank some water while they ate. I try to avoid wings, they are definitely not clean or healthy at all. We were going to go down town for some drinks and what not but the cold wet weather we are having deterred us. We honestly ended up chilling at someone's house and just talked and played games. Trust me if you were here in our wintery weather you wouldn't have wanted to leave the warm indoors either.