I have gotten down to 125.2 lbs. I fluctuate up to 128 depending on what I eat and what not. I now feel like I reached my weight loss goal. Now I am setting new goals. With about, if not over 20 lbs. lost I feel like I need to step up my workouts so that I can build muscle. When I was in The Dominican Republic I wasn't able to eat as clean and as healthy. I didn't have the same options and a lot of times not so healthy food was convenient. I've been back in the states for about a month and have had difficulty drawing that same strict line I had before. I am more lenient than I want to be. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow and once again cutting out the foods I should not be eating. The one thing I need to remember with this lifestyle is that even when I reach a goal, I'm not done. This is an everyday thing and my goals are always changing and challenging me to go further. I am now setting new goals for me to gain more muscle. Right now I am setting a goal to tighten up my body and just gain as much muscle as I can in this next month. For July 4th, Camron and I will be going to his family reunion and so I am setting that as a marker to see just how hard I can push myself and how much of a change I can make in my body in just a month.
Wish me luck :)