This week has been...a little rough I guess. I have had 3 rest days but one was because I was sick. I honestly feel a little frustrated about not working out for three days but not scheduling your day correctly can happen and getting sick happens. At this point I need to look forward and just step it up.  I feel like My legs need some extra attention so I am going to continue my schedule as follows: arms split up into two days; biceps and back and then chest, triceps and shoulders. Two days of full legs and abs workouts. Two days for full body/HIIT/cardio type workouts.


Currently I am 134.2 lbs.
My stomach is definitely significantly more flat. You can even see quite a difference from my 30 day P90x pics (which I am now 2 weeks out from the 30 day mark)
I am planning to be down to 130 by the end of this month (March)
I will be down to 125 by April 25th.

What I am struggling with...

I feel that my legs aren't progressing as fast as I want them too...but unfortunately that is where all my fat likes to store. I am going to try and mix up my leg work outs and add more weight.
My stomach and basically upper body has lost the most weight. My breast size is basically the same, but my bras are a little looser. My obliques/love handles haven't lost much fat...yet.